2018 Spokesmodel – Ms. Erica H

I’m so happy to introduce you to the stunning Erica H., the first of my 2018 Spokesmodels that I’ve had the pleasure to shoot. Erica has been on a years’ long journey of body positivity and self-acceptance, and her boudoir photo shoot with me was a milestone moment on that path as she stepped in front of the camera (and all of your eyes!) wearing stockings on her legs and her heart on her sleeve. We did very little retouching to her photos as she wanted to fully embrace her wonderful curves and hourglass figure, and boy does she look sensual and lovely!

Watch her video below, and then scroll down further to read her interview where she talks more about her body health and image journey, the place in her life for boudoir photography, sensuality, good friends, and even a little philosophy!

I’ll be shooting Erica again later this year (for a full fantasy themed shoot!), when she’ll open up even more and tell us about her struggles with eating disorders. In the meantime, let’s give her lots of love!  Thank you, Erica!


Q: I know there’s been a personal journey you’ve gone through, in terms of body issues, emotional issues, or both tied together. What would you like to share about your story with other women? What makes you WANT to share your story so publicly? 

A: When I applied to be a spokesmodel, I wrote about how the only standard for women in media and advertising were models and actresses.  The Ashley Grahams of the world weren’t accepted mainstream as “beautiful”.  As someone who always had a body type with large hips, legs, and definitely on the curvier side – I always viewed myself as not good enough.  I struggled through out my teens and 20’s with eating disorders, large weight losses and gains, severe depression and anxiety, and never focused on just being healthy because I was already beautiful.

I’ve shared this sentiment with people around me and I have come to find that the majority of us do struggle, regardless of our body type.  Having a larger public platform to share this story and let others know they aren’t alone is so important to me.  I openly share my story on my own social media- a story that includes struggling still with anxiety but continuing to work towards the best version of myself while accepting who I am in the moment and I’m always met with gratitude for sharing so openly.

Q: What has led you to be interested in a boudoir photo shoot at this point in your life/journey? And what are you hoping to get out of the experience?  What, if anything, about your upcoming boudoir shoot has you nervous/excited?

A: Social media has allowed me to follow the journeys of so many women and I see just how empowered they are by sharing the sexier sides of themselves.  A side that was largely reserved for a specific look prior to the popularity of platforms driven by user content.  This is what led to my interest in boudoir photos and I’m hoping to see myself in a way that I view so many other women.  To see my body for the beauty and art that it is – however I am nervous about being able to actually capture that on camera.  I make goofy faces sometimes and there are still aspects about my body that I’m not so sure about.

Q: What sides of yourself (emotions, imagery, fantasy) are you hoping to portray with the images we take of you? 

A: I would like to be able to capture the sexier side of myself, maybe even a playful flirty side.  My anxiety often lends itself to always showing a more reserved and shy side.  I would definitely love to break that mold.  It’s also nice to show that just because I’m a Mom, that’s not ALL I am – I’m still a beautiful, sexual, woman.

 Q: You’re a busy, working mom. How do you find ways to stay in touch with your sensual/sexy side, and find time to pamper yourself?  Or do you?  What other ways, besides a boudoir shoot, do you feed that aspect of yourself?  Do you have tips to share with other women? 

A: It sounds so simple, but one of the best decisions I ever made was to make the effort to dress in ways that made me feel good most days.  It’s easy to get stuck wearing workout clothes anytime you can.  I feel like this helps me feel good in the moment.  I also work really hard at staying healthy physically, because it helps me mentally. I make the time to do small things, like get a manicure.  Such simple things that make me feel put together and give me confidence.  I feel my best on as Friday night when I’ve put in the effort and am now slipping into something a little sexier.  I also have a great group of girlfriends that are super supportive and inspiring.  They are never shy on dishing out compliments to each other.

Q: And lastly, is there anything else you want to say that I haven’t asked you? You’ve got a platform and a microphone, what do you want to say to whoever might be listening? 

A: I talk a lot about my personal journey, but I think it’s important to remember that no matter what your journey is, you OWN it.  When you wake up in the morning, you decide how that day will go based on how you approach it and how you react to set backs.

F. Scott Fitzgerald has a quote that I love “And in the end, we are all just humans…drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”   It really speaks to me – because love does.  It’s so important to love others, but it’s even more important to love ourselves.  No matter what you’re going through you can get through it.