You know, as much as I always look forward to the beginning of a new year, with it’s clean slate and fresh start, there’s just something about the idea of committing to New Year’s Resolutions that makes me go “gah!” Maybe because it feels too much like a chore. Maybe because it sounds like I’m telling myself that something needs to be “fixed.” It’s such a negative thought.

I know, I know – resolutions don’t have to be “fixing” things like losing weight, exercising more, or swearing less (what?! that’s not a thing, is it?). They can be positive things like meditating every day, or learning a new skill.

But still. Those also sound like chores to me. Something that implies I need improving. For me, there might even be an element of fear behind those vows. The fear that I’m not yet good enough, not thin enough, not productive enough, not lovable enough. And to those thoughts I say again, “Gah!”

At the age I’ve now reached (don’t ask!), I’m finally starting to realize that, well, enough is enough! I am good enough. And the only thing I need to “fix” is my fear that I’m not.

So this year, I will make one resolution: I resolve, as often as possible, to put fear behind me. To keep self-love in front of me. To know that I’m surrounded by family and friends and I have the best job in the world (working with amazing women)!

I am enough.

Happy New Year, everyone!



(And thank you, Ms. K., for letting me use your beautiful and oh-so-happy pic to illustrate my post.)

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