The search is on for our 2018 LMP spokesmodels!

Hey, ladies!

It’s that time of year where I find the two women who will be the faces of Lori Mann Photography for the year!

Word of mouth and contagious excitement is the best advertising of all for boudoir photography, and my amazing and happy clients do the speaking for me better than I ever could. So to that end, I’m seeking two (okay, maybe even three) women to be my spokesmodels for 2018!

If selected, you’ll get lots of free stuff (including two full photo shoots), in return for spreading the word about your great experience with us. Please note: even though I’m calling you “spokesMODELS,” I’m not actually looking for professional models. I’m looking for everyday women like yourselves, who would normally be coming into my studio for boudoir/glamour shoots. I’m looking for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and skin colors. Just be willing to share your boudoir/glamour shots on social media (you won’t be nude, but might be in lingerie or other “sexy” apparel, or doing “implied nudes”).

And best of all — even if you are not selected as one of the spokesmodels, everyone who enters will receive a $200 gift certificate from us towards your own photo shoot! Seriously, that’s yuuuugge!

Previous clients are also welcome, and encouraged, to apply!

Here are the rules to enter:

  1. You must have an active social media presence on Facebook and at least one other platform that allows photos such as Instagram or Snapchat, and you must have a decent-sized LOCAL following (Delaware, NJ, PA, MD).
  2. You must be female and between the ages of 27 and 50.
  3. You must be willing to sign a full model release (allowing me to use your images on my website, social media, and promo materials).
  4. You must be willing to post various photos we take of you (including boudoir and glamour photos) to your social media and talk about your experience. I.e., you will be a Lori Mann Photography cheerleader!  You must also be comfortable getting interviewed for a blog post, possibly shown in a behind-the-scenes video, and letting me post a before and after shot on my website (and don’t worry – my “before” shots are lovely – they are not meant to make you look bad, just your natural non-glammed-up self).
  5. You must be an enthusiastic supporter of boudoir/glamour photography, and a supporter of body positivity and women’s empowerment.
  6. You must be reliable and willing/able to get to my photo studio in Wilmington, DE at least two times in 2018, and, basically, to not be a flake in any way.

What you get in return if you are chosen:

  1. You will get a full (3-look) photo shoot some time in late winter/early spring, with looks that can be a mix of boudoir and formal glamour.
  2. Assuming you’ve been great about posting pics from your shoot and cheerleading for us, you’ll come back for a second shoot in late summer or early fall, and this time it can be more boudoir, or, if you like, one of my “fantasy” shoots where we’ll design an amazing custom fine art shoot specifically for you! (See my fantasy fine art gallery to see what I mean.)
  3. You’ll get 6-10 shots from each shoot (or more!) fully retouched in web size (with watermarks) for posting, and high res files for yourself.
  4. If you decide you also want print products (prints, albums, folios, etc.), you can purchase them at a heavily discounted price.
  5. You’ll get a $50 VISA or Amazon gift card for each and every client you refer to me who comes in for her own shoot.
  6. You’ll get awesome bragging rights, a giant dose of self-esteem, and so much fun you won’t know how to handle it!!


  1. Email me at lori@lorimannphotography.com, and put “2018 Spokesmodel” in the subject line.
  2. Tell me your name, whereabouts you live, your age, and a bit about yourself such as why you want to have boudoir/glamour shots taken, and why you’d make a great LMP Spokesmodel.
  3. Attach a photo of yourself – make sure I can see your beautiful face and at least part of your body. DON’T STRESS about this! I am NOT, repeat NOT, going to be looking to see how thin, pretty, or young you are!  Believe me, I am merely looking for variety! I’d like to be able to select a couple different body shapes, skin/hair colors, ages, etc. I’m also looking for a sense of enthusiasm and friendliness in the shots! You can totally just send me selfies, shots with you and your girlfriends, etc. Make it easy peasy!
  4. Let me know where I can find you on social media (Facebook, Insta, etc.).
  5. Put a statement in your email to the effect that you understand and agree to the “Rules to Enter” as stated above.


And that’s it!  You’ve got nothing to lose, because even if you’re not selected as a spokesmodel, you’ll be receiving a $200 discount on your own photo shoot!

Let me know if you have any questions at all, and I look forward to hearing from you all!