I’m moving to Wilmington, Delaware!

Hi Ladies – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

To start 2018, I’m announcing a big change for Lori Mann Photography: I am relocating from Center City to a brand new studio in the arts district of Wilmington, Delaware.

Though I’ve loved being in the heart of Center City, it’s become a bit too much of a drive for me from my home in the Chester County suburbs, and more importantly, I’ve outgrown the size of the space there. So I made the big decision to relocate, and I’ve found an AMAZING new studio in Wilmington. It’s huge, it’s lovely, it’s decked out as the perfect space for photography, and it has a purple bathroom! (The purple bathroom may or may not have been a deciding factor. hee hee)

For those of you who have shoots scheduled with me in the Pine Street (Philly) studio, never fear. Nothing has changed for you guys and I will be shooting as scheduled in Philly through January. And if you want to schedule a shoot with me in January in Philly, I have a few limited time slots left. However, any shoots scheduled as of February 1st will take place in Wilmington. The address of the Wilmington studio is on the contacts page.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

And here’s to a fantastic 2018!


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