Privacy Policy

We realize this is intimate photography, and your privacy is of utmost concern to us. Some of you are quite comfortable having your images shared, and we thank you for that! However, many, if not most of you, have a wide variety of reasons that you would never want your images made public. And we have your back! To that end…

Rest assured, we will not reproduce your images without your permission! All photos on this website, in our advertisements and promotional materials, and used on social media, were approved by the women in the photos and permission granted by them for this purpose. If we do not ask for, and get, your permission to use your images, they will not be posted. We also realize that life circumstances change. Therefore, if you have given prior consent to be on the website and then later change your mind, just email us and we’ll remove your pictures within 72 hours (though we cannot guarantee that they will be wiped from the internet once having been on it, and likely some remnants will remain).

All images on this website are copyright Lori Mann Photography and may not be used without permission.

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